• A comprehensive road network system of 4/6 lane arterial roads covers the SEZ from one end to the other
  • Intelligently built, this SEZ has world-class roadways designed with traffic sense to help transport navigation
  • Compared with any other SEZ locations in India, the Tuticorin HiTech City is designed to utilize all the benefits of the SEZ zone, rather innovatively

Water & Sewerage

  • Assured water supply through an exclusive 30 MLD TWAD Board Scheme
  • Surface drainage facilities and sewerage collection and treatment systems designed with an international touch, help in effectively managing industrial and residential waste & effluents
  • Development of rainwater harvesting systems and summer water storage facilities within the industrial zone and residential zone indicate our commitment towards eco-friendly practices
  • A well-managed solid waste management system helps in safe disposal of waste without being an environmental hazard

Safety & Security Measures

  • The Tuticorin HiTech City is equipped with relevant safety & security features, both in the industrial processing zone and the residential zone. To prevent unwanted intrusion or trespassing into the SEZ, appropriate fencing and boundary walls will be developed
  • The main entrance will be guarded and entering or exiting the SEZ will be managed by competent security agencies
  • Fire prevention and safety measures as prescribed internationally are placed in the industrial and residential zones to further enhance safety and serve as a precaution for any untoward accidents


  • The presence of a state-of-the-art telecommunications network in the form of cellular network, wired telephone connectivity, internet and videotelecommunications systems, provided by different service providers, ensures smooth and fast communication with the outside world, offering on-call connectivity
  • World-class telecommunications infrastructure for high-speed large-volume data transfer within 13 tbps bandwidth is available through 2 submarine cables
  • Fibre connectivity and all value-added communication services are available on demand from seven service providers

Lifestyle Amenities

  • Living and working in the Tuticorin HiTech City offers residents the luxury of a well-defined lifestyle consisting of world-class residential facilities, comprehensive social support infrastructure and, at the same time, the quiet solitude and harmony of living in the lap of nature
  • The residential areas will be built over 800 acres in the pristine and unpolluted atmosphere of the Western Ghats
  • The SEZ offers unique advantages of seamlessly blending work and industrial activities with well-defined stylized living
  • Well-manicured parks and gardens
  • The pleasant and temperate climate of Nanguneri will help expatriates and their families to adjust better with the climatic conditions

Housing Amenities

  • The AMRL SEZ offers residents a wide choice of housing options ranging from apartments to individual villas
  • Schools, colleges and training centres located within and surrounding the SEZ assures the highest quality of education for children
  • Other social infrastructure such as medical centres and hospitals, recreation centres, gymnasiums, swimming pools, banks, departmental stores, F&B outlets, hotels and travel services, and incubation office spaces will be located within the campus and in close vicinity of the SEZ